How To Get Rid Of Scabies Fast At Home?

If you are back from a recent traveling and have developed lumpy, blistery and itchy spots on your skin, you probably have brought scabies along with you.

Seriously, this skin disease is the most disturbing, depressing and isolating experience. It will turn your nights into a hellish nightmare as itching is worse and uncontrollable during night. Among the readers who have ever suffered or recently suffering from scabies infestation can very well connect to what I mean.

how to get rid of scabies fast at home

You must be wondering why I chose the word scabies infestation and not an infection. The reason behind is that scabies is neither a bacterial or fungal skin infection, but it is caused due to the infestation of tiny mites known as Sarcoptes scabies mite. The worst part is scabies  is a highly contagious disease that spread through contact. Also, there are no alarming signs and symptoms. In fact, for the first few days, the symptoms are so confusing that you might wonder that you are suffering from any kind of allergy, chicken pox or have bug bites.

Scabies leave you entirely helpless, but no need to worry anymore as this article extends a helping hand to you and will suggest you effective ways to eradicate scabies. Before we start with remedies, let us learn more about the symptoms of scabies. This will help you to identify the disease as soon as possible. Below are the scabies symptoms.

  • The foremost symptom to appear is rash. Initially, there may be few rashes and mostly on fingers, toes, palms, but with time they spread all over the body and may also appear on the face, neck and behind the ears.
  • Rashes may soon take the shape of red bumps or papules which are similar to mosquito bites.
  • There may be tiny blisters filled with clear fluid. Better refrain yourself  from scratching them or the fluid may ooze out making the condition more miserable.
  • The worst part is the intense itch that gets worse at night making you restless and preventing you from sleeping.
  • One of identifying the sign of scabies is burrows, which are made by mites to lay eggs. They are although difficult to find still you can find them in between toes and fingers.

If you have read this article so far, then now you must be eagerly waiting to acknowledge the ways to get rid of scabies. Below in this article, I have described effective ways along with natural remedies that will help you to get rid of scabies fast.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Scabies – Scabies Treatment

1. Tea tree essential oil – It has been very successful in treating scabies as it destroys scabicides. Before applying the oil, it is recommended to take a warm shower with a Neem soap (or any other antiseptic soap). This will force the mites to come to the skin surface. Add about 10 drops of tea tree oil to olive oil and apply it all over your body, including the scalp, face, and ears. Alternatively, you may also Add 10 drops of the oil in your bath water and take a bath. Repeat this 2 times a day for a few weeks.

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2. Cayenne pepper– Capsaicin present in the cayenne pepper desensitizes the neurons and also have the property to kill the parasites. If topically applied it may cause burning. Thus, you may add a tablespoon of it to your bathtub filled with water and soak yourself for 15 to 20 minutes. This is followed by rinsing off yourself with cold water.

* Make sure water containing cayenne pepper should not enter your eyes.

3. Clove oilEugenol present in the clove oil has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Thus, it is very effective in drying up the blisters and reducing rashes and itching. But you should never apply it on your skin without diluting. Add about 10 to 12 drops of clove oil in a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply it on the affected area. Repeat this 2 times a day to get rid of scabies.

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4. Turmeric– Turmeric is a wonderful herb and a wonderful antiseptic. It has also been found very effective in relieving inflammation and itch caused due to scabies. Take a tablespoon of turmeric powder and add a few drops of lemon and sufficient quantity of water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the area of concern. After an hour, have a bath.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax– The combination of Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide forms an effective remedy for scabies. It is fungicidal and acts as a natural pesticide. Also, Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties. So you may mix both of them together to kill the scabies mite and reduce the chances of secondary infection in the inflamed area. Fill the bathtub with warm water, add one cup of hydrogen peroxide and double amount of Borax. Soak yourself in it for 15 minutes. Repeat this once in a day and you will sure to find relief in your symptoms in few weeks.

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6. Margosa leaves– Being antibacterial and anti-fungal Margosa leaves have been used since ages to treat various skin diseases. In the case of scabies, it has been found very effective in killing the mites along with reducing itch. Crush a handful of Margosa leaves and apply it to the affected area. Rinse it off once it gets dry. Repeat this daily.

Also, drink the concoction made by boiling a handful of neem leaves in a glass of water. Drink 1 tablespoon of this preparation 4 times a day till scabies is cured completely.

7. Pay attention to your diet– Remedies will take their time to treat. Along with them you also need to take care of your diet. Scabies mites love sugar so better reduce the intake of sugar. Switch to low glycemic index carbohydrates. Increase the intake of protein-rich foods such as nuts, lentils, egg, milk etc.. This will fasten the healing process. Consume Vitamin C rich citrus fruits to build up your immunity. At least stick to this diet for 2 weeks. Better avoid alcohol, vinegar, chocolates, peanuts and fried foods as they contain mold spores

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8. Cleaning– This is an important part of treatment to get rid of scabies and also prevent the reinfection. Make sure you vacuum everything. Change your clothes, pillow covers, bed sheets, and blankets, almost every day. Keep your perfume bottles, makeup containers in the freezer as very low temperature kills scabies mite. Wipe everything you touch such as door handles, light switches, toilet seats, tapes, shoes, counters etc.. With thyme oil wipes daily. It is better to avoid physical contact with anyone. Do not share a bed, blankets, utensils toiletries, clothes, mobile phone etc… with anyone for a while, until you get rid of scabies.

Dear readers, if you are suffering from scabies then instead of getting irritated, panic and pulling off your hairs, try above-mentioned home remedies without wasting your time. You may try the combination of 2 or more natural remedies. Also follow the above-mentioned diet and clean your house diligently. These simple steps are sure to bring healing in just 2 weeks and help you to get rid of scabies fast.

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