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Sometimes things aren’t always smooth sailing with regard to your morning routine. Things can get a little rough and it might take a few grunts along with a few huffs and puffs to get the job done. Constipation is one of those things people aren’t too comfortable talking about given the discomfort that it puts you through. So attribute it to your unhealthy lifestyle or stress, constipation can be quite hard to deal with. Here are some tried and tested home remedies for constipation.

home remedies for constipation

10 Natural Home Remedies For Constipation

1. Fiber
Momma was right when she told you to eat your veggies. Vegetables are high in fiber and so are other foods such as cereals, oatmeal, barley, beans, lentils and so on. Fiber acts like the quintessential pipe cleaner, scrubbing food and waste particles from the inner lining of your digestive tracts. It adds in bulk to your stool so that they can move along, as opposed to getting stuck. Aim for about 35 gram of fiber everyday. If this home remedy for constipation resonates with you, make sure you drink plenty of water because the intake of fiber can cause your stool to harden.

2. Olive Oil
Olive oil is a very effective home remedy for constipation. When consumed on an empty stomach, it gets those pipes going. It helps to prevent constipation by ensuring smooth movement within your digestive system. The texture of this wonder oil is what allows smooth movement. If you like, you can add a dash of lime to a teaspoon of olive oil and consume it every morning on an empty stomach. If you forget to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, then wait for a while after you have eaten before consuming it.

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3. Lemon
Lemon helps to keep your digestive system rolling and is one of the most effective home remedies for constipation relief . To a glass of warm water add in the juice of half a lemon. You could add in a pinch of rock salt or half a teaspoon of table salt and honey to it. When you wake up, consume this solution on an empty stomach. You may also drink this solution in the evening. Follow it up everyday and expect things to be smooth sailing once again.

4. Coffee
Coffee can be a boon and a bane at the same time. Drink too much and you’ll find yourself in a tight situation. Drink it in moderation and you’ll find the greener side of the grass. Coffee when consumed on an empty stomach helps to get those guns rolling due to the presence of caffeine in it. Caffeine is a diuretic which means that it helps you urinate more often. If you overdo your Cup of Joe, then you lose out on all the water that would be used to push out your stool.

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5. Fennel Seeds
Fennel seeds help in the treatment of indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and of course constipation. They help to encourage smooth muscle movement in the digestive tract. Take a cup of fennel seeds and roast them. Grind them and sieve the mixture. The powder that you procure can be consumed daily. About half a teaspoon of the powder can be mixed into a cup of warm water and consumed on an empty stomach.

6. Ginger Tea
Another home remedy for constipation is Ginger Tea. Peppermint Tea, too works just fine. These teas help to alleviate a multitude of digestive problems. Peppermint contains menthol which helps to relax the muscles of your digestive tract. Ginger helps to warm the inside of your body, helping to generate more heat which speeds up the process of digestion. Warm water also does its fair share in expelling toxins from your rear end.

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7. Castor Oil
Castor oil doesn’t taste so great, but it helps in improving bowel movement. It is a stimulant laxative which aids in stool passage. On an empty stomach, simply swallow two teaspoons of castor oil. If you find the taste overpowering, then you could consume it with fruit juice as well. Within no time, you will see a huge improvement in your condition. The minute you see results, you should discontinue this remedy for constipation as it may cause side effects.

8. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has a multitude of benefits right from your skin to your hair, so it’s no surprise that it can work wonders on your tummy as well. Consuming aloe juice or the gel from the plant are recommended. If you have an aloe plant in close proximity to your house, then you can tear off a leaf and extract the gel from it. Mix two tablespoons of the gel into a glass of warm water and consume it on an empty stomach. You could also opt for aloe juice, consuming one cup a day should do the trick.

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9. Raisins
Raisins are high in fiber and they contain tartaric acid. This has been shown to have a laxative effect. Consuming a small portion of raisins everyday helps to loosen the muscles in your digestive system. Cherries and apricots also show similar effects. Consuming these fruits with a bowl of yogurt everyday helps you with your morning routine on the pot. Also the pro-biotics in the yogurt make passage of stools fairly easy.

10. Baking Soda
Baking Soda to the rescue. It is one of the most effective home remedy for constipation. It is a bicarbonate so it works quite well for constipation and tummy aches in general. So, baking soda helps to encourage air to come out of you through either one of your openings. This helps things to flow smoothly around your gut. Dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda into one quarter cup of warm water. Drink this solution in a single gulp, or as fast as you can.

I’m hoping that your days on the pot get a whole lot easier with these home remedies for constipation. This is a condition that is fairly easy to rid yourself of, if done right. Home remedies are the way to go, so get going on these ones and see how it enables some smooth sailing out of your hindquarters.

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